Please notice, that Visa required for ALL foreigners who want to apply for studying EVEN if you don`t need visa for short-time stay at Ukraine (except citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Uzbekistan).

To obtain visa for studying you have to send request for invitation personally or through agent .

To get invitation you have to send us next documents:
1) first page of valid passport;
2) document about previous education* (school certificate, university diploma etc.);
3) consent to personal data collection and processing **.
All mentioned documents have to be in electronic format.

* If document is not in English, French, Ukrainian, Russian either German language – translation to one of this languages required.
**English version/French version/Russian version/Ukrainian version

You will need ORIGINAL invitation! Count this during preparing documents for visa submission.

Please, notice that from Autumn 2016, to submit documents for visa you have to book a date at Embassy or Consulate. For this purpose, follow the link.

You can find more information about visa process here.